I am Back…

It has been 2 years since I wrote something over here and a lot has happened. I graduated from uni and even started my master's degree, got a job writing, (what I love) and Im almost turning 24!!! I even started a youtube channel in 2018 but stopped the same way I did this but... Continue Reading →

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My Love For Colleen Hoover’s Books|Mini-Review + Ranking

I am an avid book reader and I mostly gravitate towards romance books. I guess I was living under a rock because I discovered the author Colleen Hoover this year and she’s now my favorite author. I have read about 8 of her books. It’s so hard to rank them because I love them all... Continue Reading →

My Love For Taylor swift

I have been a swiftie for approximately 10 years now😍😍. I was not always proud of being her fan but now I am proud of being part of the fandom. When I was 13, I first heard of love story and it was so magical and ethereal to me and I went searching for her... Continue Reading →

My Weight Loss Journey

I have tried every possible method out there, some being better than the other but the journey continues. When you look at me all you see is an average-sized girl but I have been trying to lose weight for 5 years now with no success. I think I weigh about 65kgs if not more and... Continue Reading →

My Biggest Regret In Life

To think that she transferred schools because of me, makes me hate myself even more... I have always been one of those people who say that they have no regrets in life. I always thought that having regrets made you a failure or proved that you are disappointed in yourself. I don’t think this is... Continue Reading →

My Love For New York City

New York has always been my dream destination not only as a tourist but also as a resident living there. I have never boarded a plane in my life but I had hoped to change that this year even if its just within the country but ooops! miss rona had different plans. Anyway, I hope... Continue Reading →

The Quarantine Life

This pandemic has changed our lives and I hope everyone is keeping safe and staying at home. When I first heard that everyone had to self-quarantine at their homes honestly I was relieved because I really needed a break from everything. I had just started my master's degree in January and the workload was getting... Continue Reading →

Dreaming is free

All these places have one thing in common , I've never visited them😀😀. They say dreams do come true and its my prayer that I travel the world before am very old. These places represent various continents that I'd like to visit one day (in short all continents ). The Bahamas New York City  London ... Continue Reading →


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